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The School of Law of University of Gondar is one of the various facilities within the University and founded in 2005. The School of Law is offering law courses in LLB and LLM level through its regular, extension and summer programs. The School’s academic programs include undergraduate LLB in Law and in the graduate-level programs offered LLM in Human rights law, LLM in Environment and Water law, LL.M in Criminal Justice and LL.M in Business and Economic Law. Moreover, the school has around 18 free legal aid centers in and out of Gondar town through which the school is providing free legal aid to the poor and vulnerable segments of the local community.

The School of Law is a playing a major role in producing adequately trained legal professionals who will be prepared to serve the country in the area of the justice sector. Moreover, it plays a pivotal role in conducting legal research and providing pro bono community services to the needy section of the community.


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